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Made at the 2017 AGDS Jam (Solo Team).

Play as President Trump in a DDR Democracy battle to the death against the World's bad-ass 'Vlady Putin'.

Sway Puttie boi, with your diplomatic moves to avoid nuclear disaster.

Additional helpful info:

Getting a combo of 30 will increase your health.

A cheat button is located top-right if the game is too hard for you.

Help Screen is available in the dialogue sections (Bottom-right)


Up arrow - Up Key

Down arrow - Down Key

Left Arrow - Left Key

Right Arrow - Right Key

Yellow Circle - Spacebar

Exit Game - Escape Key

The Game is intentionally hard at the end. Prove you are not weak capitalist piggy! (There is a cheat button you can enable to give infinite lives)

Published Feb 26, 2017
Tags2D, 8-bit, dance, ddr, Funny, political, putin, trump

Install instructions

Extract the folder.

Double Click on Putin's Head (DanceDanceDemocracy_v1.exe).

Job Done.


DanceDanceDemocracy_v2_Data.zip 15 MB

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